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Hail and high wind damage.  Call us.  Let us come look and give you some advice.  Don't get caught signing up for a contingency contract that leaves you out of control.  We don't pressure you.  We simply let you make the decisions.  It's your policy and your money.  We work for you.

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We are Southeast Texas, discount roofing company.  We serve the following counties of Montgomery, Grimes, Liberty, Walker, Trinity, San Jacinto, Waller and Polk.  Thanks to our customers, we are a Preferred Roofing Contractor.  Texas Discount Roofing is a registered company with the State of Texas and holds a "Certificate of account Status" with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Here's how you can get a free, written estimate:

 Whether you need a full replacement, or just a simple repair, we can do it.  Every estimate is provided by a professional roofer. 

"I put my first roof on in 1982.  I learned alot from the master roofer I worked for. He showed me a man's word is worth more than money.  We are going to provide a no-hassle, free estimate.  We're not going to pressure customers with phone calls begging for the job.  You have my word on that."

                                                                                   Paul Maddoux 


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We don't get to pick what time disaster strikes, that's why we are available 24hrs a day for emergency dry-ins. 

ANOTHER DISCOUNT ROOFING DEAL from the leader in Roofing.

Looking for a laminate shingle, but you have a commodity budget?  These laminated shingles are great for properties that require a 30yr laminate over the strip shingle.  We have a great deal on Several colors.  They are priced 20% less than other laminate shingles.  The supply is limited, but the quality is not.  Call for your no hassle FREE ESTIMATE

Heat Blok Ultra radiant barrier.  We can give you an estimate for application on your home or office.  Our price is for material is very low as of now.

Radiant Barrier, sprayed on with HeatBloc Ultra.   For the past 2 years we have been spraying more attics than normal.  Our product price has finally risen on us.  I tried to keep it as low as possible, but the economy has increased what we pay for a 5 gallon container.  The new Heatbloc is a little different than what we used a year ago.  The two part mix is now a pre-mix, or 1 part.  Shelf life is now longer than 24hrs, so maybe this will be a benefit to all of us.  Heatbloc is still blocking about 80% of the radiant heat coming thru your attic.    Call us for an estimate to spray your attic with HeatBloc Ultra                                                              


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Texas Discount Roofing accepts these forms of payment.

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 We offer Cash or Check discount prices. 


"O%" interest for 18 months on your Roofing project!

Simple application, online.  $1000 to $50,000  Small job, no problem.

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Want to save some money on your next new roof?

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March 5, 2015 Price increase warnings have come and gone for the past 8 months.  We still are getting some of the best prices that I've seen in several years. With the storm season not producing anywhere near the experts predictions, prices have actually dropped.  Manufactures now need to unload this overstocked product.  We have some great pricing on commodity shingles, along with 30yr and laminates. We have credit accounts with the largest shingle suppliers in the nation.  That translates to the best pricing you can receive.   Remember, you pay what we pay.  We don't raise the price of product.  No one beats a Discount Roofing Deal.

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